About Us

Happyskin is a narrow, proven, firm-looking company for women, based on reaching a point where it becomes important to use simple and workable products for your skin care to smile every day and the rest of your life in the mirror. Simple yet functioning skin care rituals are especially important for a woman when family-growing children, sleep time is in short supply, work and home with more than two hands daily. Happyskin’s people have searched the wide world for a selection of the best cosmetic products.

As we search for the best products, we have looked eastwards and researched more recently about the youthful skin of the Asian women who have offered a great deal of speech. The skin care of Korean and Taiwanese women is inherent in their rituality, they do not simply cleanse the cream, but take a lot of time to take care of their skin, use a number of massage techniques and make weekly masks for feeding and grating the skin. We have gathered a wide range of easy-to-operate Asian fabric masks, where you can find suitable for every skin type. Innovative beauty products are Cosmetea cleansing sticks from Korea, which are easy to use and take along for travel.

The strength and wisdom of nature is gathered from Naveen, a collection of facial skin care. The products are easy to use, but with Cosmo Organic certified, a multilayer deep care product, moisturize, smooth and shine.

From Western Europe, the Kingdom of the Netherlands we found the best natural deodorants we’ve ever tried. And experimened over time with a number of natural, harmful chemicals, free deodorants, but previously as effective as We Love The Planet, have not used.i

Each person’s skin is special, the products that fit perfectly on one skin can be too nutriting for the other. Sometimes the smell may not be pleasant and sometimes does not fit just a few active substances. The human body is wise and skin reactions — both positive and negative — are helping everyone find their own. We hope that you will find our choice of suitable body care products that will keep and feed your skin and also make a soul.

Your return is always welcome. We look forward to both your thoughts about product selection and the products that have been tested for return.

Our searches continue.

Mari and Ülle